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Bond Hearing and Appearance

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If you’re charged with a crime and arrested as an adult, you’ll typically be placed in jail until you have a bond hearing. You have the right to this hearing within 24 hours of your arrest, barring certain serious crimes. During this hearing, a judge decides whether or not you are a flight risk or danger to the community and then sets the conditions under which you may or may not be released, including the amount of the bond.

Because 24 hours is a short period, it’s crucial you try to contact a criminal defense attorney before your bond hearing in order to get the best possible outcome. The Hawkins Law Firm in Charleston is experienced in bond appearances, and will stand by your side during the hearing. Even if you do not have time to contact our bond hearing attorneys, it is still wise to contact our offices later for quality criminal defense.

Making Bail in South Carolina

During a bond hearing, a bond judge hears the circumstances and facts of the case. Then, the judge decides whether or not the accused should be released from jail, as well as set the amount of the bond. Additionally, if the crime committed had a victim (such as an assault or robbery), other conditions may be set, such as “no contact.” If a Surety Bond is set, you will have to pay a certain amount of money that ensures you will show up at future court days. Or, if your bond is “Personal Reconnaissance,” you won’t be required to put up any money.

Typically, after posting bond, you can expect to be released from jail within about four hours. You are entitled to your bond money back if your charges are dismissed or you are found innocent. You will lose your bond money or collateral if you violate the conditions of your bond.

Your Charleston bail bond lawyer may be able to visit you in jail before the hearing, if time allows. The bail bond hearing is NOT a trial. After you are out on bond, you can meet with your criminal defense attorney to prepare for your defense and, if necessary, trial.

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